10 Sure-fire Methods to Get More Cleaning Business Clients


If you run a cleaning business in Toronto you’ve probably thought about finding ways to attract more clients for your cleaning business. Even though referrals and advertising campaigns do work, things are not that simple in real life. Getting more cleaning clients without selling their services at very low rates is something very few business owners and managers know how to do.

The biggest problem…

The biggest challenge isn’t actually to get more clients but rather to keep them or to convert leads into customers as soon as they get acquainted to your brand. This means that commercial cleaning and janitorial business owners in heavy metropolitan cities like Toronto have to understand that marketing is an ongoing activity you can’t afford to pause. This is to say that successful cleaning businesses have to maintain their permanent focus on attracting new clients rather than seeing marketing activities as things to do only every now and then.

Here are a few tips that might help you get more clients for your cleaning business.

1. Build your email list

Email marketing is still alive and kicking. It is definitely here to stay, at least for as long as people will be opening their email messages. Big commercial clients and regular homeowners alike read their emails on a daily basis. You need to offer them valuable information in order to make them want to be on your email list.

One of the bets methods to grow your list is to offer some kind of free incentive. This can be a small discount, a free e-Book or a neat info-graphic they could download in exchange for their email address. They will get value from your incentive, and you’ll have the opportunity to send them regular updates via email.

If you’re looking for a good email app to get started with, try Mailchimp

2. Postal mail marketing

Your marketing strategy should include offline marketing activities. Even though offline marketing activities like postal mailing may seem obsolete, they actually work very well. They might offer you an excellent opportunity to make a positive first impression to your potential clients.

Sending out flyers, banners and brochures containing interesting information and compelling marketing messages will attract the attention of these potential clients, preparing them to receive your call.

3. Paid advertising campaigns

Paid advertising is one of the most common methods to attract clients from the online environment. Popular websites with huge amounts of traffic are charging to mention various brands or services. Media outlets publishing press releases do more or less the same. As hard as it might be to believe it, paid advertising has shown excellent results over the past decade. Many cleaning businesses are fine with paying per lead and then complete the sale on their own.


In addition, today’s paid advertising is sharply targeted and much easier than a decade ago. If, for instance, you want to advertise on Google, you’ll have the chance to focus on specific local keywords, thanks to a special software tool that can do just that. Furthermore, you can choose to show your

Facebook ads to target groups featuring specific interests and demographics, in order to match the profile of your core customer.

4. Display advertising

Display advertising is still alive, in spite of being just another type of offline advertising. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that you need to pay close attention to the relevancy of your display ads. Run them only in places where your potential clients can notice these ads and take action.

For a cleaning business, this could translate into placing display ads nearby washing tools, laundry services, and other similar venues. If you advertise in coffee shops and bars, you may have a hard time at attracting any leads.

5. Local promotions

Local promotions can do wonders for your cleaning business. Starting from the assumption that you serve only a specific geographic area, offering something to every resident might attract lots of potential clients into giving your services a try.

The other benefit of local promotions is that you’ll be building authority and trust among people in your area and make sure they all notice your business.


6. Hard to resist offers and incentives

Creating hard to resist offers with special incentives is a highly effective marketing strategy many cleaning businesses use. The catch is to find something that you can offer as a bonus and offer the whole package at an irresistible price. For instance, offering a bonus window washing with your carpet cleaning services can be a great offer during the fall, while good weather still lasts.

The main point is to identify the greatest needs of your potential customers, in order to offer them a service they perceive as necessary.

7. Recurring jobs

Many successful cleaning business owners confess that recurring jobs are by far the best method to grow your cleaning business. Try to sell your cleaning services on a retainer basis to ensure a steady cash flow and to keep your teams busy on an ongoing basis.

But how can you persuade your clients to become recurring customers?

This isn’t as difficult as it may seem – just ask for their phone number or email address or go ahead and offer them an irresistible deal on your 3-months, 6-months or 1-year service packages. This way, they won’t perceive your services as one-time jobs to order only every now and then. There’s a software that can help you take care of your customer flow and create such special packages.

8. Referrals

As soon as you’ve finished a job, ask your customers for any referrals they might think of. If you want to avoid appearing pushy, you can use a cleaning service software (Genio is the best example that comes to mind) where clients can log in and refer your services.

9. Strategic partnerships

If your business handles only one area of cleaning, consider finding another company that covers another. You can form a strategic alliance to the benefit of both companies. For instance, a residential cleaning company in partnership with a car washing service can offer special deals such as ‘Full Spring Cleaning for Your Home and Car’ to attract potential clients. Both businesses, as well as they clients will have something to win from this strategy.


10. Online reviews

If you want to create online awareness for your business, you should consider asking for as many online reviews as you can. Don’t be afraid to offer special discounts to your clients who take time to review your company on Google Places, Facebook or Yelp. Genio software for cleaning companies comes with an in-built review system that can ease your life. Online reviews are a great way to get noticed by the members of your local community.