3 Ways to Market Your Small Business on a Budget

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Opening a business can be a costly thing. However, even when you invest in all the machinery, the people that will work there and other expenses you still need to set aside a considerable amount for marketing as your product needs to reach more ears than it would with word of mouth. Professionals can spend millions of dollars on marketing, but since you won’t have that kind of budget, or else you would not be reading this article, let’s get down to the best 4 ways you can market your business on a budget.

Create a catchy pitch


Like summer pop songs that are catchy and which people sing in their elevators, the pitch for your business should be as catchy. The attention span of most people is not above a minute, so if you can fit what you want to say about your business in that one minute you are golden. One commercial cleaning company in Minneapolis used a catch phrase, “Give Us the Dirt“. Another Toronto Cleaning Company in Canada uses that catch phrase, “We Don’t Cut Corners, We Clean Them“.  Think about the catchy way you can market the best thing about your product, whether it be the price, or the materials used in the making of the product, or just how unique the service that you are providing is. But make it short and catchy.

Think about the community

Bike shop businessIf for instance, you are opening a bakery business or a bike shop or anything in fact that can help anyone, think about making one day 50% off or just certain services free. For instance, if you are opening a bakery offer the first 50 loaves of bread free on Sunday. This won’t cost you a lot of money but will make more than 50 people come to your store which is amazing marketing on a budget. Or if you are opening a bike business offer to accept the first 5-10 bikes on a 50% discount once month. The community around your business will soon learn of your offers and will spread the word of mouth faster than usual, and will, in fact, consider your business a part of their community which is a big boost in household recommendations when it comes to the service you offer. You will be the first thought on everyone’s mind in that community when they think of the service or product that you are offering.

Give a few speeches

Whatever you are offering people are usually not educated enough to know a lot about the product. Many come and ask for more information inside your business, but more just ignore it for fear of showing ignorance. If you want to spread the word about your business watch for events where you can give speeches or presentations on why something that you have can be good for them and why they might need it. No matter what you are selling if you can’t sell it to them in a speech then you might be better running a different kind of business.